• Project Progress

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This is the current project status as of the last monthly report presented to the Committee of the Whole on June 15, 2020.  The next project update will be posted in July.  For more information, please contact the RM Office.

The system should be ready for use before the end of 2020, pending completion of all construction, service agreements and rate approvals. At this point, the exact date is difficult to forecast because the few remaining hurdles must still be cleared. These challenges are manageable, but various delays have been compounded by slowdowns in equipment delivery and labour due to COVID-19. We're also dealing with some factors not totally within the RM's control, including the formalization of service agreements.
Next steps include a public consultation on the rate-setting model. We're also looking at arrangements to make it easy for residents to prepare their properties for hook-up.
  • Preparations are underway for public consultation on the rate model later this summer.
  • Following public input, the rate study and rate application for the first year of operation will be revised and submitted to the Public Utilities Board for approval.
  • Preparations are underway to convert the memorandums of understanding with West St. Paul and the City of Winnipeg into formal service sharing agreements.
  • The RM has completed the process to select a third party to provide equipment and labour to operate the system. We will enter into an agreement with the City of Selkirk for these services for the first three years of operation, with options to extend to up to five years.
Lift stations and biofilter works
  • Work about 60% completed at River Road and 25% completed at Donald Road.
  • Installation complete
  • Minor deficiencies and surface restorations underway
Low pressure sewer line
  • All mainline and house services installed and tested
  • Surface restorations and minor deficiencies underway
  • Most easements obtained
Water meter installations
  • Now resumed after delays due to COVID-19
  • 107 completed