• Project Progress

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This is the current project status as of the last monthly report presented to the Committee of the Whole on November 16, 2020.  For more information, please contact the RM Office.
With both phases of the project completed, we expect this to be the last status report of 2020. We are on track to begin operation early in 2021, once the two remaining service agreements have been finalized and rates have been set by the Public Utilities Board.
The Winnipeg Public Service has recommended that the City of Winnipeg finalize the agreement outlined in the 2014 Memorandum of Understanding. Conversations are continuing with the City and the R.M. of West St. Paul.

Submission of the rate study to the Public Utilities Board has been deferred pending finalization of all service agreements.
We continue to update the website to report on project status and respond to residents' queries. 
Property Restorations
Remaining restorations and sod deficiencies will be completed in 2021. The Manitoba Water Services Board will holdback funds on various contracts until all work is completed.
Lift Stations and Odour Control Works
  • All work has been completed at the Donald Road location, other than corrections to some electrical deficiencies.
  • At the River Road location, the pump has been commissioned and electrical inspection has been completed. Final work underway includes insulation of the lift station and biofilter piping.
Low Pressure Sewer Line
  • A main line off Hay Avenue is being installed.
  • All other Phase 1 and 2 work is completed except for some restorations that will be done next spring.
Water Meter Installations
  • As of November 12, 2020, 194 installations have been completed and 25 more participants were awaiting installation (219 participants in total).