• Recorded Council Meetings

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The following are meetings of Council which have been recorded for Public Viewing on the R.M. of St. Andrews YouTube Channel.
All live streamed recordings are the property of the Rural Municipality of St. Andrews and are subject to copyright. All rights reserved. No part of live streamed recordings may be re-used, re-produced, distributed or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods.
Retention of records on the RM website are stipulated in Section 4 of Policy No. ADM-06 (Public Access to Information) as follows:
4) The municipal website shall facilitate access to the above referenced documents as follows:
a) A minimum of 5 years of Financial Plans and Reports of the Auditor;
b) Minutes of Council and Committees of the previous 2 calendar years;
c) Agendas of Council and Committees of the previous 2 calendar years;
d) Recordings of meetings of Council and Committee as become available, except for any part of a Council or Committee meeting closed under subsection 152(3) of The Municipal Act, and shall not be retained online for a period greater than the 6 previous calendar months;
e) Enforcement By-laws