Emergency Management

Spring 2023 - Red River at PTH #4 Bridge
Drone footage courtesy of Interlake Drone Services
The Municipal Emergency Coordinator (MEC) is responsible for coordinating and supporting emergency preparedness and response in the Municipality by implementing the provincial emergency program to ensure the safety of citizens, property and the environment. 

Jordan Nastiuk is our Director of Municipal Safety and also acts as our Municipal Emergency Coordinator. Jordan can be reached at jordan@rmofstandrews.com should you have any questions regarding emergency response or preparedness.

If you are experiencing an after hours emergency situation (eg. high water levels), you can call 204-904-9286. If it is a life threatening matter, always call 911.

The MEC's emergency preparedness activities include training, education, disaster exercises, providing public information, updating the emergency response plan annually and response and mitigation to an emergency incident. Some of the most common emergencies in our municipality are high water events including overland flooding, blizzards, thunderstorms and tornados. 

Staff are always ready to respond when necessary to assess and deal with the situation at hand.
Our Emergency Preparedness webpage has some great information on protecting yourself, your family and property as well as information on preparedness and safety.

Please be sure to register for CONNECT so if there is an emergency, you get the alert!
Volunteer Emergency and Flood Positions 

The Municipality maintains a list of volunteers in the event of an emergency or flood. If you are interested in volunteering, please complete the following form with the dates and times you are available, and the positions you are most interested in.