• Flood Information

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The RM is fortunate to have Jim Stinson back with us this year to assist in preparations for any possible high water level events that may occur.
We will continue to communicate regularly with residents through CONNECT and our website, posting updates on ice movement, as well as footage from the newly acquired cameras along with some possible drone video footage. If you aren't already registered for CONNECT, please sign up now so you can receive important updates and information by text, email or phone call - whichever method you prefer.
If you are concerned about potential flooding this upcoming spring or have questions, please contact Jim Stinson, our Emergency Event Manager at 204-806-0107 or email jim.dar@mymts.net.

Province's Flood Outlook Information 
To view the Province's latest flood outlook information and news releases, please click on the following link: 
To view the Government of Canada's Real-Time Hydrometic Data Graph for Netley Creek near Petersfield, please click on the following link: https://wateroffice.ec.gc.ca/report/real_time_e.html?stn=05OJ008
To view the Government of Canada's Real-Time Hydrometic Data Graph for Breezy Point, please click on the following link:

CONNECT With St. Andrews - Our Latest Communication System
Register with CONNECT, our latest communication system that allows us to contact you quickly in a way that works for you…by voice message, on your land line telephone, by text or voice message on your cell phone or by e-mail.  Stay informed of all the latest news, upcoming events, emergency alert messages and more.
During an emergency or flood situation, we are able to map out specific areas and send important notifications to those registered individuals in the specified area immediately. It is a very useful and important tool for us to communicate with you so please register today!