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St. Andrews AirportThe RM of St. Andrews is a vital driver of Manitoba's Interlake regional economy and a key contributor to the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region.

Agricultural and industrial sectors continue to account for the majority of economic activity in St. Andrews. Many small and large family farms produce several varieties of grains and oilseeds. There are also livestock producers that operate in the municipality, mostly dairies supplying raw milk to several processors in the City of Winnipeg. Several small and large manufacturing firms operate in the municipality, many located close to the cities of Winnipeg and Selkirk.

In addition to these sectors, small local shops, restaurants, and gas stations service residential communities. The Municipality’s proximity to urban centers such as the City of Winnipeg and City of Selkirk has a number of economic benefits including increased opportunities for regional partnerships and employment opportunities for residents.

Additionally, the RM has one of the largest airports in the Province. The St. Andrews Airport and the St. Andrews Industrial Park are home to a variety of businesses including the aviation sector. The airport is also home to one of the largest flying clubs and flight training centres in the Province.