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Flood Protection

Flood Protection

See Manitoba Infrastructure Hydrologic Forecast Centre’s latest flood reports on the Forecasts/Reports tab at

Overland flooding is a regular annual occurrence in most of our province. The potential for flooding depends on rainfall, snowpack, soil moisture and temperature.

If you live in a flood-prone area, the best way to minimize damage is to mitigate the risk. Remembering that you have primary responsibility for emergency preparedness, consider what you can do to reduce damages and protect your home and property. You should also be making plans to evacuate your home and family if a severe flood develops.  Planning ahead is valuable and necessary. We all need to do what we can to make sure our homes, families and communities are prepared in case of any future flooding

Test your knowledge about overland flooding and find out if you are ready with this quiz on the Government of Canada’s website:

Three Steps to Cost-Effective Home Flood Protection

The infographic below, "Three Steps to Cost-Effective Home Flood Protection" (Figure 1), presents SMART actions to limit the risk of basement flooding that homeowners and renters can undertake, generally over a few days, with limited technical expertise and, in most cases, for less than a few hundred dollars. Considering that the average cost of weather-induced basement flooding in Canada is $43,000, the upside to mitigating flood risk for many, their largest financial investment) is compelling.

By completing the following 3 steps, you can help reduce your risk of flooding and lower the cost of cleanup if flooding occurs. Click here for your copy of this great resource of information.