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The R.M. of St. Andrews Council is elected for a four year term to set policies and provide municipal governance. Elected officials consist of the Mayor and six Councillors each representing a geographic ward. The term of the current Council is 2018 - 2022.
Left to right: Councillor Darryl Pohl, Deputy Mayor Kristin Hoebee, Councillor Matthew Prychun 
Mayor Joy Sul, Councillor John Preun, Councillor Laurie Hunt, Councillor Russ Garvie
Joy Sul 
Cell:  204-485-2335
Councillor Ward 1
Matthew Prychun
Cell: 204-791-4295
Councillor Ward 2 / Deputy Mayor
Kristin Hoebee
Cell:  204-485-1193

Councillor Ward 3
Darryl Pohl
Cell:  204-295-6488
Councillor Ward 4
Russ Garvie
Cell:  204-619-2698

Councillor Ward 5
John Preun
Cell:  204-785-3417
Councillor Ward 6
Laurie Hunt
Cell: 204-485-1354