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Public Notice is hereby given that Airwise Inc. will begin installing water meters the week of November 25, 2019 and will be contacting property owners prior to installation.  

South St. Andrews Residents to Register for Water Meter Installations
St. Andrews, MB (September, 2019) - St. Andrews residents in the South St. Andrews Wastewater Project's Phase 1 and Phase 2 area are being asked to register for the installation of water meters. Please call the Public Works Department at (204) 738-2076 or e-mail janet@rmofstandrews.com to register for the installation.
A water meter must be installed on each property by the time of connection to the new sewer service.  The estimated cost for the supply and installation of the meter equipment is approximately $700.00 per home.  However, costs for the meters, including installation, will be paid for by the R.M. of St. Andrews, and the Manitoba Water Services Board, thanks to a 50-50 funding partnership.
This newly-connected water meter will record only the amount of wastewater generated for the billings.  Water used for outdoor consumption will not be metered.
Residents will be notified in writing when the system is functional.