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The following events for:  May 27, 2018
  40th Anniversary Celebration Concert
 Selkirk Community Choir is celebrating 40 Years of Song in the District. Concert will feature a special commissioned musical piece first time ever by Kenley Kristofferson, in addition to special selections from concerts past. Also featured for the first time is the newly formed Selkirk Community Youth Choir under the umbrella of Selkirk Community Choir. Concert will be at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 106 Sawchuk Drive (just before the Rolling Mills South of Selkirk), at 7:00 p.m. Cost is $10.00. Tickets at the Door. Reception following concert, children under 12 free. More info Contact Pres Thea (204) 757-4411 or Denise PR (204) 482-5557.