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2018 Property Taxes - Reminder: TAXES DUE OCTOBER 31, 2018

Posted: 2018-10-30


The 2018 Property Taxes are due October 31, 2018.  Tax payment information is listed below.  If taxes are not paid by October 31, then penalty will be applied at the rate of 1.25% per month for each month they are left outstanding.

Paying On-Line
The R.M. of St. Andrews allows for ratepayers to pay their taxes on-line. To do this, you must access your existing on-line bill payment system through your financial institution's website and add the R.M. of St. Andrews as a Payee. You will then use your Roll Numberwithout the decimal, as the account number. The account number must be a total of 9 digits.
For example:
If you have a Roll # with 4 digits such as 1917 - you would enter 001917000
If you have a Roll # with 5 digits such as 19178 - you would enter 019178000
If you have a Roll # with 6 digits such as 191780 - you would enter 191780000
You may then pay your annual property taxes as you would any other bill.
The following are what we know some banks have us listed as for payees:
  • Bank of Montreal
  • CIBC - St. Andrews (Rural Mun)
  • Tax Credit Union
  • RBC Royal Bank - (Andrews)
  • Scotiabank
  • TD Canada Trust - St. Andrews (RM of) 
Property Tax Payment Options
The R.M. of St. Andrews accepts the following types of payments for paying property taxes:
  1. AT THE MUNICIPAL OFFICE- 500 Railway Avenue, Clandeboye
  2. BY MAIL- R.M. of St. Andrews, P.O. Box 130, Clandeboye, Manitoba R0C 0P0
  3. ON-LINE- Set up a payment option for property taxes with your financial institution (as described above), using your Roll Number as your account number.  PLEASE BE SURE TO ALLOW AT LEAST 5 BUSINESS DAYS FOR PROCESSING OF PAYMENT IF PAYING ON-LINE AND ENSURE THAT YOU PAY THIS MANY DAYS IN ADVANCE OF ANY DEADLINES TO AVOID PENALTY.
  4. TAX INSTALLMENT PAYMENT PROGRAM (TIPP) - This option allows ratepayers to have automatic monthly withdrawals from their bank accounts. Just download the pre-authorized Tax Installment Payment form or contact the Municipal Office to obtain one. Complete the form including the monthly amount you wish to apply and attach a voided cheque. Payments are processed on the last day of each month.
  5. INSTALLMENT PAYMENTS- Monthly payments can be made either by coming into the Municipal Office or by mailing in post dated cheques and payments will be credited to the tax account.
Please make cheques payable to R.M. of St. Andrews and be sure to write the Roll # on the cheque or present tax statement when making payment so as to ensure that payment is applied to the correct property. Interac, cheque or cash acceptedPLEASE NOTE THAT MANY DEBIT CARDS HAVE DAILY LIMITS ON THEM SO VERIFY WITH YOUR BANK BEFORE COMING TO THE MUNICIPAL OFFICE TO MAKE PAYMENT.  CREDIT CARDS ARE NOT ACCEPTED.

NSF CHEQUE POLICY - If an NSF cheque is returned, the amount of the cheque will be added to the tax account of the ratepayer in addition to the $25 NSF cheque fee.  To view a copy of the R.M of St. Andrews NSF Cheque Policy, please click on the following link:  NSF Cheque Policy - ADM-03

TAX RECEIPTS - Effective May 1, 2016 - Tax receipts will only be issued upon request in an effort to reduce costs.
Tax bills are mailed out in June of each year. 
Discount Period
A discount of 2% is available for early payment of current taxes up to July 31, 2018. Current taxes are payable at par from August 1 to October 31, 2018.  This discount also applies to any pre-payments made prior to the Tax Statements being mailed out.

Taxes are due by October 31, 2018.  Penalty on arrears is calculated at 1 1/4% per month commencing on November 1, 2018. Penalties are calculated and added on the first day of each month that the taxes remain unpaid.
NOTE:The effective date for payments made to the R.M. of St. Andrews will be the date of the postmark of Canada Post.If the postmark is absent or illegible, the effective date of payment will be the actual day of receipt by the R.M. of St. Andrews.To avoid late fees, mail in a post dated cheque.For your convenience, there is a mailbox located at the entrance of the Municipal Office for those who are unable to attend during office hours.
The property owner's name and address which appears on the property tax statement is in accordance with the latest information and advice which has been made available to the Municipal Office.  If, however, an ownership change has since occurred, please forward the property tax statement to the current owner or return it immediately to the Municipal Office.  It is most important that the Municipal Office be advised promptly of any change of ownership or mailing address in order to ensure that the tax statement is properly forwarded.  It should be noted for future reference that failure to receive a bill does not excuse an owner from responsibility for payment of taxes nor relieve that owner from liability for any later penalty payment.