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Communities in Bloom - Seeking Volunteers for Committee

Posted: 2018-05-30

Manitoba Communities in Bloom

The R.M. of St. Andrews is seeking Volunteers for a Communities in Bloom  Committee.  The committee will consist of 3 community volunteers to fill the positions of 1 Chair or 2 Co-Chairs and a secretary/treasurer as well as 1 Council representative.  Please submit expressions of interest in volunteering for this committee by June 15 to info@rmofstandrews.comA Community in Bloom Guide is available for interested individuals to review.

The RM’s Responsibilities are to:

·         Create a local communities in bloom committee

·         Provide financial support to committee

·         Provide a meeting facility for committee

·         Provide additional support as required

Communities in Bloom Committee Responsibilities are to:

  • Organize a one day judge’s tour which highlights community accomplishments in the six judging criteria; to take place on a predetermined date.
  • Arrange for and cover the cost for two single rooms for two judges for one or two nights and all meals (bed & breakfasts and billets are acceptable).
  • Create and provide to MB CiB Judges a Community Profile Book outlining the community’s achievements as it relates to the six criteria covered in the Evaluation Form.
  • Provide transportation for judges during their tour of your community and to/from the airport/train station, if applicable.
  • Attend the Annual Provincial Conference and Awards Ceremony in September to receive bloom rating, certificate and Evaluation Form and to network and enjoy educational seminars.
  • Promote your community with a community display and a community pride item for the Silent Auction at the Annual Conference & Awards Ceremonies