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Request for Quotation - Supply & Installation of Pre-Wet System for Existing Tenco Sand Slide-In Spreader

Posted: 2017-09-07



Request for Quotation


RFQ 2017-005

Supply & Installation of Pre-Wet System for Existing Tenco Sand Slide-In Spreader


The R.M. of St. Andrews is proposing to purchase a pre-wet system for its sand spreader truck and is accepting quotations for the supply and installation of a pre-wet system.


The pre-wet system is to be supplied and installed into a tandem dump box.  The pre-wet system will be paired with the R.M. of St. Andrews existing Tenco slide-in sand spreader (model TCD-10-AS) and controlled by a Cirus Marlin Spreader controller already installed in the truck.


Closing date for accepting quotations is September 29, 2017 at 4:00 pm.


Further information or clarifications can be obtained from the contact below.


Submit quotations to the attention of the contact identified below by email or deliver in an envelope labeled “RFQ 2017-005 Pre-Wet System Quotation” to;




Ron Hahlweg, C.E.T.

Manager of Public Works
R.M. of St. Andrews

Box 130, 500 Railway Ave.

Clandeboye, Manitoba

R0C 0P0



Submissions to this Request for Quotation should include any product or technical information/literature relevant to the equipment in response to this quotation.


All quotes should be stated in Canadian funds and include the total price, including taxes, levies, all fees and any warranty options with costs.


If a contractor wishes to submit quotes on multiple equipment models meeting these specifications, the contractor is to ensure that each equipment model has a separate quote.  Multiple quotes may be submitted in the same package. 


The R.M. of St. Andrews reserves the right to reject any or all quotations. Lowest quotation shall not be considered a guarantee of acceptance or purchase.


Any further material, labour or components not specifically mentioned or included herein, but may be required to complete, perfect and place the equipment in successful operation, shall be furnished by the Contractor as though specifically mentioned in this document.


Pre-Wet System - Detailed Specifications


·      Two side mounted and optimized for capacity brine tanks (approx. 40 gallons per tank) with triangular cross section capable of being fitted into the existing truck box

·       Tenco tank support sets

·       Cirus 12-volt electric pre-wet pump power modules with 3 GPM output, mounted in a sealed enclosure capable of functioning with Cirus Marlin controller

·       Nozzle kit mounted at spinner/spreader

·       Electric amplifier for pre-wet pump controllable by existing in cab Cirus Marlin controls

·       All equipment plumbed, installed and ready for operation