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R.M. of St. Andrews Recycling Bins Notice

Posted: 2017-04-03

The R.M. of St. Andrews appreciates the recycling efforts of our residents but there has been a problem that when the bins are full, some individuals are dropping the recycling bags on the ramp and alongside the bins.  If the bins are full, please take your recycling back home and try again the next day as this is creating an unsightly mess and more work for staff in cleaning up the areas.
We thank everyone for taking the initiative in recycling and look forward to everyone's cooperation in keeping the areas safe and clean.
The R.M. of St. Andrews has recycling depots at the following locations:
  • HARRY'S FOODS (5571 Highway #9 - St. Andrews)
  • EARL GREY LANDFILL (Earl Grey Road - St. Andrews)
  • CLANDEBOYE LANDFILL (Bell Road - Clandeboye)
  • SOUTH ST. ANDREWS FIRE HALL (5610 Highway #9)
  • ST. ANDREWS AIRPORT (Airport Drive)