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Local Health Involvement Groups - Seeking Citizen Members (IERHA)

Posted: 2016-07-05


Frequently Asked Questions

What are Local Health Involvement Groups or LHIGs?

Local Health Involvement Groups or "LHIGs” are made up of citizens who care about health and health services in their communities. They are established to explore and provide advice to the Interlake-Eastern RHA (IERHA) Board of Directors on issues that impact the delivery of local health services.

What will I do?

You will be working in a structured environment with other LHIG members to discuss questions passed down from the Board around identifying issues that affect the delivery of local health services.

What qualifications do I need?

You need to:

       be a resident of the Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority.

       have an interest in improving health care in the region.

       be able to commit to the time required to participate in the LHIG group.

How are members selected?

Members are selected by the LHIG Coordinator and Board to ensure that diverse points of view are represented in each LHIG. Citizens who are selected to be a member of a LHIG:

       have a passion for health and a desire to help improve the health system.

       like to think about the "big picture" and can think about the needs of others.

       are good listeners.

       are comfortable sharing ideas in a group.

How many meetings per year?

It’s expected there will be at least four meetings per LHIG per year. Each group can determine if they’d like to take advantage of conference calling to reduce travel requirements in winter months.


How long will the meetings be?

Each meeting will be one-and-a-half to two hours long with the exception of the first meeting which will be a half-day. The first meeting will include an orientation to the IERHA and LHIG process.

Where will the meetings be held?

LHIGs are established on a geographic basis within the region. We will switch our meeting locations to try and minimize driving time for all members.

What are my responsibilities as a LHIG member?

You will be asked to provide your personal perspective on the questions the group is asked to review. Homework after each session will include you asking the same question provided in the meeting to your peers, family, co-workers etc. and providing that feedback at the next meeting.

How will Local Health Involvement Group feedback be used?

An IERHA Board member sits on each LHIG. The LHIG Coordinator along with the Board member will create report of recommendations after each meeting. The recommendations will be presented to the Board every month, and next steps will be assigned.

How long is a term on a LHIG?

Two and three year terms will be staggered amongst the LHIGs. All members may be reappointed once for consecutive terms (for a maximum of a four year term).

Will I be compensated for my time on the LHIGs?

Being a member of a LHIG is a voluntary position with no financial compensation.

Will my expenses be covered while on the LHIGs?

Mileage as established by the Province of Manitoba will be provided to individuals who need to travel to attend a meeting. Mileage will be paid out at the end of each year.


For an application form, please click on the following link: