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Manitoba Crop Residue Burning Information

Posted: 2017-08-08

Manitoba Crop Residue Burning Program

Manitoba Agriculture reminds producers who choose to burn crop residue that authorization is required from August 1 to November 15.
Daily authorizations are issued at 11:00 a.m. based on weather and smoke dispersion conditions.  Night burning continues to be banned year-round.  The daily authorization will indicate if burning is permitted or not, and the start and end times allowed for that day.  These depend on weather conditions and can change.  Depending on conditions, burning may not be authorized for the entire Province.
Farmers must follow all other provincial and local regulations when burning crop residue.
Burning permit applications and more information are available from the toll -free information line at 1-800-265-1233, online at or from Manitoba Agriculture Offices.
Manitoba's controlled crop residue burning program was introduced to protect public health and safety while allowing farmers to deal with different straw management programs.  Farmers must ensure they burn crop residue safely.  The regulation is enforced by environment officers and the RCMP and penalties for failing to comply can result in fines of up to $50,000.
Many producers use alternative methods of dealing with crop residue, such as chopping and spreading the straw or listing straw they have for sale on the Manitoba Hay Listing Service.  More information on these practices is available on Manitoba Agriculture's website.
Smoke from burning crop residues affects people's health, road safety and the environment. Manitoba's smoke management plan encourages practical and responsible ways of dealing with crop residue.
If you must burn, you must adhere to Manitoba's Controlled Burning program by checking the daily burning authorization.

Daily authorizations

Permits are being issued for producers who need to safely burn within municipalities that are NOT authorized for burning. For more information about obtaining a burning permit, please contact your nearest MAFRD GO Office. Completed permit application forms may be faxed to 204-745-5690.

When a municipality is authorized for burning, burning permits are not required unless the land is located within the boundaries of the City of Winnipeg or within a Burning Permit Area. Any permits issued by other local authorities are also required.

Burning of Crop Residue and Non-Crop Herbage (Regulation 77/93)(PDF 129KB) was enacted in 1993 to deal with the legal aspects of crop residue burning.

The regulation

  • Prohibits night burning of crop residues and non-crop plant material in yards, rights-of-way, ditches, native pastures and waste areas all year round.
  • Places additional restrictions on daytime burning of crop residue from August 1 through November 15 by permitting burning only in authorized municipalities during certain hours.
  • Provides information via a toll-free phone line and an internet webpage each day from August 1 to November 15 to advise individuals about whether burning is authorized in their municipality on that day and, if so, during which hours. 
  • If burning is authorized, the final decision to light the fire is up to you, so use common sense:
    • Burn only within the hours specified in the daily authorization.
    • Ensure fires are supervised at all times.
    • Ensure the area has been adequately fire guarded to prevent the spread of fires.
    • Ensure smoke will not create an unreasonable hazard to people's health or highway safety.

For more information

Contact MAFRD at 204-745-5646.

To report illegal burning, contact Conservation and Water Stewardship.

To report hazardous driving conditions caused by smoke from crop residue burning, please notify the RCMP or your local municipal police.
For more information, please go to the website: