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All Terrain/Off Road Vehicles By-Law No. 4270

Posted: 2016-12-31

At the August 11, 2015 Council meeting, a new All Terrain/Off Road Vehicles By-Law was passed.  This new by-law will allow the R.M.'s By-Law Enforcement Officer more authority in enforcement of the unruly operation of off road vehicles.
To view a copy of this new by-law, please click on the following link:
Numerous complaints are received at the Municipal Office expressing concerns about the use of these machines.  These complaints generally are in regards to noise, wreckless driving, damage to ditches causing drainage problems, safety, trespassing or damage to private property.
We request that all operators of these machines please drive slowly and quietly in populated areas and respect both public and private properties.  The best solution to the conflicts resulting from property owners and operators is consideration and common sense, so please keep this in mind when driving.
The RCMP are aware of the problems that occur throughout the municipality and will be out enforcing this Act as necessary.  Penalties for non-compliance may result in a fine, seizure of the off-road vehicle, or both.  Please familiarize yourself with The Off-Road Vehicles Act by going to the following Province of Manitoba website:
We look forward to everyone's anticipated cooperation so that all residents can enjoy the outdoors together.