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Landfill Tipping Fees - Changes Effective April 1, 2017

Posted: 2017-03-06

The Rural Municipality of St. Andrews would like to notify their ratepayers that effective April 1, 2017 there will be a change if fees for shingles (changes hi-lited in yellow below).
Also, the landfills will also now be closed on the following days:
Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day, Louis Riel Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Canada Day and Remembrance Day.

The new tipping fees are listed below for the Earl Grey and Clandeboye Landfills:
BY-LAW NO. 4285
Schedule “A”



Tipping Fees

Prepaid tipping punch cards will no longer be in effect as of April 1, 2017.  Payments can be made directly to the Landfill Custodians through cash, cheque or debit.


Residential and Commercial Tipping Fee Rate Chart for Demolishing Waste

1 Ton Truck Load (Single axle)                                                                      $40.00

3 Ton Truck Load                                                                                         $100.00

Tandem Truck (up to 10 ton)                                                                        $200.00

Semi dump Truck (up to 14 ton)                                                                  $400.00

Shingles – Small trailer or ½ ton truck load                                                    $45.00

Shingles – Tandem/triple axle or large trailer                                                 $90.00


Commercial Garbage Haulers Tipping Fee Rate Chart for Residential Household Refuse

(also includes Campgrounds and Trailer Parks within the Municipality)

1 Ton Truck Load (Single axle) or equivalent trailer size                               $40.00

3 Ton Truck Load or equivalent tandem trailer                                            $100.00

Tandem Truck (up to 10 ton)                                                                        $200.00

Semi dump Truck (up to 14 ton)                                                                  $400.00


Refrigerated Units

Water coolers                                                                                                  $5.00

Window air conditioners                                                                                  $5.00

Refrigerators                                                                                                   $10.00

Household air conditioners                                                                             $10.00

Dehumidifiers                                                                                                  $5.00

Freezers                                                                                                          $10.00

-This fee is charged to remove the Freon and compressor oil from the units



Charge for tires on rims                                                                                  $5.00

Tires only                                                                                                        no charge



Sofas                                                                                                               $10.00

Cushioned chairs                                                                                            $5.00

Mattress / Box Springs                                                                                   $10.00            

All Commercial Refuse Haulers must maintain a business license in accordance with the current Business License By-law, or the hauler will be refused to unload.  A copy of the license must be presented to the Landfill Custodian upon unloading.  Providing proof of the business license will be required by the Custodians and arrangement for payments previous to any unloading.



***Note:  There will be a $1.00 service charge for interac payment


Receipts will be issued for all tipping fees paid by the ratepayers.


Charges are at the discretion of the Landfill Custodian