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Posted: 2019-01-10



In light of recent media coverage concerning the charging of fees to skate on the outdoor rink at the St. Andrews Community Club, I wish to provide the following factual information:

- The Rural Municipality of St. Andrews only involvement with the St. Andrews Community Club is to provide grant funding.  These operating  grants are not disbursed until we receive financial statements as per our policy.  This policy is passed by a vote and resolution of Council.

The St. Andrews CC was started in 1967 and has been run as a volunteer board ever since. It is not a ‘private club’ – it is owned by the residents.

- This policy applies to all community, recreation and cultural facilities in our RM and is strictly adhered to.

- The grant does not have conditions and Council does not dictate what the grant money is used for.  That is a Board/Management decision. To state, the RM of St. Andrews does not provide any funding for the outdoor rink, is an inaccurate statement.

-  Our Public Works Superintendent has advised grader operators have all been contacted, including operators that are no longer employed by the RM.  All have stated they do not clear the snow at the St. Andrews CC parking lot.  This practice was stopped approximately 5 years ago and is in accordance with our Snow Removal policy.  If it was done, it was a service request and is not usual practice.  As a courtesy, the RM grader will push the zamboni deposited snow away from the building so that ice cleaning can be maintained throughout the winter.  This practice will continue.

- According to our District Fire Chief, flooding of the outdoor rink is used as a training exercise for new volunteer fire fighters.  Not only is this provided as a generous service it is also done for the betterment of the community.

I have been misquoted in some of the media reports “this is a dispute between the CC and the RM” “ funding has been cut”  These are not  accurate statements nor were those my words.  The grant money has not been dispersed because proper financial statements have not been filed. 

- I am advised the 2016/2017 operating statement was e-mailed to our Rec. Director on Nov. 22/18.  It was given to our finance person on Nov. 24/18.  It was brought to our Council meeting on Dec. 11/18.  A number of questions were raised by members of Council and more information was requested.  Currently administration is working with the Board for more complete financial information to answer our questions. An invitation has been extended to the executive to appear before Council.


Mayor Joy Sul

RM of St. Andrews