Residents - Fire Department
The R.M. of St. Andrews Fire Department is comprised of volunteer members who commit time from their lives to help save others.  It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and training to become a member.
Some of these members are trained as fire fighters and some as first responders, and some are trained as both.
They are there to provide fire fighting services, educate the public on fire prevention, perform rescue and emergency services, be the first medical response, do community fire inspections, control hazardous material spills and respond to any emergency as required.
Members are there to protect the lives of individuals and protect their property from the devastation caused by fire and to promote fire safety through education to the community.
The R.M. of St. Andrews Fire Department is comprised of three district fire stations:
  • Clandeboye Fire Hall (Station #1) - Railway Avenue, Clandeboye
  • St. Andrews Fire Hall (Station #2) - 5610 Highway #9, St. Andrews
  • Matlock Fire Hall (Station #3) - 108 Grant Avenue, Matlock
Each Fire Hall has its own Fire Chief who then reports to Council on any pertinent matters relating to the fire and hazard protection, and health and safety of the municipality.  The Chiefs make recommendations to Council on essential projects and priorities of their fire halls and prepare annual budgets for Council's consideration.

There is also the St. Andrews District Fire Chief who oversees the 3 fire halls and is available to provide assistance and recommendations and bring forth any fire hall concerns to Council.
Members must undergo training to a minimum Level I Firefighting Certification and hold a Class 4 drivers licence with airbrake endorsement.  Members are equipped with 24 hour call-out pagers for quick response time.  Some members are trained both as Fire Fighters and Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs).
The three Fire Hall Chiefs are as follows:
  1. Clandeboye Fire Hall - Chief Ed Paskaruk - Phone: (204) 738-2607 (non-emergency)
  2. St. Andrews Fire Hall - Acting Chief Joe Carreiro - Phone: (204) 757-4748 (non-emergency)
  3. Matlock Fire Hall - Chief Justin Anniuk - Phone: (204) 389-2004 (non-emergency)

The St. Andrews District Fire Chief is Ken Peacock - E-mail:

Apparently this is a standard procedure that paramedics follow at the scene of an accident when they come across your cellular phone.
ICE - 'In Case of Emergency'
We all carry our cellular phones with names and numbers stored in its memory, but nobody, other than ourselves, knows which of these numbers belong to our closest family or friends.  If we were involved in an accident or were taken ill, the people attending us would have our cellular phone but wouldn't know who to call.  Yes, there are hundreds of numbers stored but which one is the contact person in case of an emergency?  Hence this 'ICE' (In Case of Emergency) Campaign.
The concept 'ICE' is catching on quickly.  It is a method of contact during emergency situations.   As cellular phones are carried by the majority of the population, all you need to do is store the number of a contact person or persons who should be contacted during an emergency under the name 'ICE' (In Case of Emergency).  The idea was thought up by a paramedic who found that when he went to the scenes of accidents, there were always cellular phones with patients, but they didn't know which number to call.  He therefore thought that it would be a good idea if there was a nationally recognized name for this purpose.  In an emergency situation, Emergency Services Personnel and Hospital Staff would be able to quickly contact the right person by simply dialing the number you have stored as 'ICE'.

For more than one contact name, simply enter ICE1, ICE2 and ICE3 etc.  It's a great idea that will make a difference.

When I am called to duty, God
Wherever flames may rage,
Give me the strength to save some life,
Whatever be its age.
Help me embrace a little child,
Before it is too late,
Or save an older person from,
The horror of that fate.
Enable me to be alert and
Hear the weakest shout,
And quickly and efficiently,
To put the fire out.

I want to fill my calling and
To give the best in me,
To guard my every neighbour,
And protect their property.
And if according to your will,
I have to lose my life,
Please bless with your protecting hand,
Those I've loved in life.