Residents - South St. Andrews Wastewater Project - Project Background and Overview
In 2009, new provincial regulations came into force to address longstanding health and environmental concerns caused by failing septic fields within the Red River Corridor. 

The Red River Corridor Designated Area was established by the Province of Manitoba, requiring that onsite wastewater systems (septic fields) be phased out. Since the new regulations came into force, municipalities along the Red River have been working with provincial and federal partners to establish permanent sewer infrastructure.

Engineering studies and discussions with neighbouring RMs determined that the most cost-effective means to bring permanent wastewater service to South St. Andrews was to build a forcemain extension along Main Street/PTH 9, which would carry wastewater to the City of Winnipeg’s North End Water Pollution Control Centre for treatment. 

The RMs of St. Andrews and West St. Paul made a successful joint application for project support under the Building Canada Fund, which provided an initial $8 million federal and provincial grant for a regional wastewater system.

St. Andrews is committed to completing the wastewater project in the most affordable way possible for homeowners. The RM has continued to work with partners from other levels of government to secure additional grant funding for all project elements.  

Location of the lateral collector piping (illustrated in yellow) is approximate. Locations will be finalized as detailed engineering work continues.  

Project Phasing

As with most major infrastructure projects of this scale, the South St. Andrews Wastewater Project is being completed in phases. Construction of the regional forcemain (the pipe that will carry wastewater to the existing sewer in West St. Paul), along with a lift station adjacent to the highway, is scheduled to begin later this spring. 

Construction along local streets within the Phase 1 project area is expected to begin this fall. Phase 1 includes all properties from the West St. Paul/St. Andrews boundary to Liss Road (including properties on both sides of Liss Road,) and from the Red River to the railroad tracks. More information on anticipated construction schedules is available on the project timelines page. 

The new South St. Andrews wastewater system will be a low-pressure system. This is the type of sewer system most commonly used in lower-density areas, and is the type of system that has most commonly been implemented in other Manitoba municipalities with similar population density. 

Analysis by project engineers determined that construction costs for a gravity-fed sewer system (the system used in cities and denser areas) would be approximately three times higher than a low-pressure system, in turn making the project cost-prohibitive for most residents. More information on low-pressure sewer systems and equipment required can be found on the on your property page.