Residents - Waste Disposal/Recycling - Recycling Depots & Information
The R.M. of St. Andrews has recycling depots at the following locations:
  • HARRY'S FOODS (5571 Highway #9 – St. Andrews)
  • EARL GREY WASTE DISPOSAL GROUND (Earl Grey Road – St. Andrews)
  • SOUTH ST. ANDREWS FIRE HALL (5610 Highway #9)
  • ST. ANDREWS AIRPORT (Airport Drive) - New in 2016!
 The following recyclables are accepted at all locations unless otherwise stated:
  • Glass Containers - including all clear and coloured glass containers. [Guidelines:  not including window glass, broken containers, ceramics, drinking glasses, china, mirrors or light bulbs.  Remove lids and rinse containers.]
  • Newspapers – including daily and weekly newspapers, community newspapers and TV listing inserts. [Guidelines: paper must be clean and dry, loose or bundled, and not packed in plastic bags.]
  • Magazines
  • PET Plastic (#1 Plastics) – including all plastics with the #1 recycling number such as plastic soft drink and liquor bottles (with plastic caps removed).
  • Box Board – including cereal boxes, facial tissue boxes, corugated cardboard, soap boxes, rinsed milk cartons, cardboard egg cartons, wrapping paper tubes, toilet paper tubes, etc. [Guidelines: break down and flatten boxes, and remove any plastic liners. Cardboard must be clean and dry, and paper other than newsprint can be mixed together. Do not include tetra paks (drinking boxes).]
  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • HDPE (#2 Coloured Plastics) – including all plastics with the #2 recycling number. Acceptable jugs include javex, water, soap, shampoo, cooking oil, motor oil, antifreeze, juice, vinegar, etc. [Guidelines: be sure containers are completely empty.]
  • Juice Boxes
  • Metal/Tin Cans including metal/tin food cans and ends, and jar lids. [Guidelines: rinse cans to remove food residue.]
  • HDPE (#2 Clear Plastics)
  • Milk Cartons
  • #5 Plastic
  • Telephone Books
  • Other Plastics (#3, #4, #6)
* Grocery Bags - return to retailer
* Empty bread and produce bags
* Used food or cling wrap
* Prepackaged food bags, including frozen wrappers
* Bio-based or compostable bags
* No film that has been painted or has excessive glue
* Use plastic bags for packing material
* Use bags as trash can liners
* Use them to pick up animal waste
* Only take a bag when you really need it
* Utilize reusable bags when shopping
* Pack the bags as full as possible!  Keep in mind that a plastic bag can hold up to 17 pounds of product - nearly 2,000 time its own weight
Please be sure to only throw recyclables in the appropriate bins and to take any other household garbage to the landfills where there are designated areas for these items .
For more recycling information/tips and for a list of drop-off locations for plastic bag recycling, go to
Responsible Electronics Recycling
In 2011, Responsible Electronics Recycling (RER) and the R.M. of St. Andrews assisted the residents of the region with the diversion of more than 1.5 million pounds of electronic waste (e-waste) from our regional landfills.  To give you a perspective of what 1.5 million pounds looks fills thirty semi trailers!  It included more than 3,000 televisions that contained approximately 18,000 pounds of lead and other heavy, toxic metals and chemicals.  We know that RER works because the residents of the Municipality have proven that by action.  You care about the environment and RER provides appropriate and responsible recycling and end-of-life processes.
You can find RER holding areas at the Clandeboye and Earl Grey Waste Disposal Ground sites.  To keep us more efficient and cost effective, please consider bringing all your electrical and electronic waste directly to our premises at 511 Robinson Avenue in Selkirk. 
Manitoba Household Hazardous Waste Program
Leftover household paint can be dropped off at paint collection sites throughout Manitoba, at no charge.  Manitoba Household Hazardous Waste Program includes household paint (and paint aerosols) and fluorescent lights accepted for recycling across the Province.
For a list of collection sites, visit:


Responsible Electronics Recycling (RER) has been approved as a Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collection Depot.  The 511 Robinson Avenue (Selkirk) location of RER will accept residential generated HHW materials such as paints, fluorescent lamps, household cleaners, pesticides, stains and aerosol cans during normal business hours.  For a complete list of accepted materials, please visit Product Care at

The HHW program has been long awaited by most area residents as it eliminates the requirement to wait for the 'one day a year' event held at the Selkirk Transfer Station.  Please ensure that you bring your HHW in proper (original) containers or it may be refused.  Please note that some conditions do apply such as unmarked or damaged containers or containers with unidentifiable contents cannot be accepted and there are limits to the amount of product delivered per visit.  If you are not sure if your HHW is program eligible, please call ahead and speak with Candi or Aaron at 204-482-2111 or visit them at 511 Robinson Avenue for further details.

RER continues to be your first choice for recycling hazardous materials in Selkirk and District.