Residents - Weed Control
Selkirk Weed Control  District
630 Sophia Street
Selkirk, Manitoba  R1A 2K1
Contact:  Kristin Pingatore, Selkirk Weed Control District Supervisor
Phone:  204-785-3638

Please contact their office regarding any Weed Bills received or weed control issues.

Selkirk Weed Control District Responds
to Questions By Residents
Manitoba's Non-Essential Pesticide Regulation came into force at the end of 2014.  The regulation prohibits the use of synthetic pesticides on lawns and sidewalks or paths adjacent to lawns.  The intent of the regulation is to protect children and pets that play on lawns from unintended exposure to pesticides.  Areas that are NOT associated with lawns are exempt from the regulation; these include gardens, parking lots, ditches, roadsides and generally boulevards or medians (unless designated as active transportation or used for recreation).
For more information and to find a list of approved pesticides that can be used on lawns and adjacent areas, please go to:
No matter what type of pesticide is used to assist in controlling weeds or other pests, always follow the instructions on the label.  Application of all pesticides in public areas is done by licensed pesticide applicators under the conditions of a Pesticide Use Permit issued by the Province of Manitoba.  Recommended 'keep off' signs are posted where required and the time indicated for re-entry after application is regulated by Health Canada.