Local Government - CodeRED

The R.M. of St. Andrews keeps residents and businesses informed of emergencies and other time-sensitive/ general information through CodeRED, a high-speed emergency notification service provided by Emergency Communications Network.  The R.M. uses CodeRED to quickly and effectively keep the community informed of time sensitive/general information or emergencies that may impact the entire municipality, or specific neighborhoods.  To see how the CodeRED system works, use this following link:

 Not all messages that are sent out will be emergencies.  There are times we want to relay information to the public about important meetings or open houses and other general information of importance.  When you enrol, you do have the option of just receiving emergency notifications or both general and emergency notifications.

The R.M. encourages all residents living within the Municipality of St. Andrews to enrol contact information including cell phone numbers, text and email addresses. This service is available to residents as of July 1, 2014.

Please note: If you are unsure of whether your contact information is in the emergency database, or you have recently moved or changed your telephone number, it is important to visit the enrollment page below to add or update your information. Do not assume you are automatically enrolled to receive notifications.

Identifying Emergency Notifications:

Emergency notifications that require your immediate attention will be delivered through this telephone number:   Emergency Communications, 866-419-5000

Community notifications NOT requiring your immediate attention will be delivered through this telephone number:   ECN Community, 855-969-4636

Please make sure to add the above telephone numbers to your phone’s contacts.  If you would like to hear the last message delivered to your phone, simply dial the number back.