Local Government - Public Works
The R.M. of St. Andrews Public Works Department oversees the maintenance operations of the Municipality.
Some of these services include:
  • winter road maintenance - snow clearing and plowing, sanding and salting of roads
  • construction and maintenance of roads, including gravel application, street sweeping, road grading, patching and repairs
  • roadside ditch maintenance/grass cutting
  • overseeing maintenance of the St. Andrews Landfill Sites (Earl Grey and Clandeboye)
  • maintenance of public works equipment and buildings
  • municipal drainage works, culvert installations, steaming and clearing of culverts
  • road signage
  • operation of department, including administration and budgeting
  • administering the application of dust control
Public Works Concerns:
If you have a question or a concern regarding any of the above, or would like to make a service request, please contact the Public Works Office directly at (204) 738-2076 or 1-866-738-2264 (toll free) or e-mail janet@rmofstandrews.com.

Culvert Permits
Anyone who is installing a new driveway/access to their property must obtain a Culvert Permit (Private Approach Permit) from the Municipal Office.   The cost of this permit is $100, as well as a $350 damage deposit is required (total of $450).  The Municipal Office will provide the individual with the size of culvert required.  The individual must then purchase and install the culvert themselves.  Only galvanized steel culverts are allowed (no plastic culverts).  Once the culvert is placed in the ditch and pegged so it will not move, you must contact the Public Works to arrange a time that our we can come out and do an inspection to ensure the culvert is at the appropriate height and is installed correctly.  Please try and allow one days notice.  After the culvert has been inspected, it can then be covered and then one more final inspection will take place.  If there are no damages to the culvert or road, the $350 damage deposit will be refunded.  Click here to view the Private Approach (Culvert) By-Law for more information.
Streetlight Outages
Manitoba Hydro is the department responsible for the repairs and replacement of streetlights and outages.  To report any problems regarding streetlights, please contact Manitoba Hydro or by clicking this link.
If you are in an emergency situation such as a fire, and require immediate assistance, please call 911.  The Municipal Office also has a live answering service that answers calls after hours and on weekends, but staff will only be contacted if it's a dire emergency.
Snow Removal & Ice Maintenance on Municipal Roadways
The R.M. of St. Andrews provides regular snow and ice maintenance on all all-weather roadways.  In the event of a major snowfall, roads will be cleared as soon as possible, or once the snow has stopped accumulating.  The Municipality will work overtime and weekends when required, to remove snow from municipal roadways to make roads accessible and safe to all traffic.  Our staff will monitor all the roads and sanding trucks will be sent out for ice control throughout the winter.  Winter sand will be applied to all intersections and portions of roadways where required.  The R.M. completes snow ridging in fields to help prevent snow drifts from accumulating on the roadways.
To ensure your roadway is maintained efficiently, please adhere to the following requirements:
  • All property owners are responsible for clearing residual snow ridges/windrows from the end of their approaches and driveways.
  • Snow is not to be pushed, shoveled or blown from any residential or commercial property onto municipal property, including roadways and ditches.
  • Vehicles are not to be parked on roadways as they will obstruct and may cause inefficient clearing of snow.
  • Ensure your private properties (ie. garbage bins, driveway markers and/or property signs, mailboxes etc.) are not in the way of the snow plow or the overflow of the snow wake being removed.
  • Snow ridging:  if you DO NOT want your land to be ridged because of winter crops, please call the Public Works Department ASAP.
Thank you for your cooperation in making our winters safe ones.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Public Works at (204) 738-2076 or e-mail janet@rmofstandrews.com.